The Singing Driver

As a passionate yodeler, it’s my true calling to take you into a musical world using my clear voice. That’s what I do for my passengers too. So I became famous as a singing bus driver.

Each of my concerts is a highlight and remains unique. My purpose is to sing in such a way that you go home with a beautiful experience.

I look forward to enchant you at one of my concerts in the future.

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Natural yodel and yodelling songs in general are considered as singing forms of the Swiss tradition. It is an expression of joy, security and well-being. Yodelling is supposed to connect heaven and earth. This is felt especially well in the great outdoors and surrounded by the mountain world.

I am exceptional in natural yodeling. This is a yodel song that comes completely without any text. It is sung only in syllables.

Typical for yodeling and one of my great strengths is the so-called laryngeal beat. This refers to the rapid change between different voice pitches, switching from one octave to a higher or lower one.

Here is an example:

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